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Tailoring Ex-Ante Regulations for Digital Market based on Market Development Stages

The internet has changed society’s business and value networks, including the digital market. Facebook and Google sites account for approximately 30% of the United Kingdom (UK) internet users’ time (CMA, 2020). Many people…

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As Malaysia embraces the digital economy, are the gig workers protected?

Click the links below to read The Malaysian Insight Pertubuhan Ikram Malaysia...

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Wanita dan politik: Ada apa dengan kuota?

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Financial Reform to Strengthen Early Years Learning

Farah Nabilah, 2023 “It takes a village to raise a child” A well-known proverb that, given its social and economic context,...

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Critical Analysis of the Gig Workers’ Employment Classification and Third Employment Proposal

In recent years, the term ‘gig labour’ has exploded due to the emergence of digital platforms. While some parties value the platform’s flexibility and services, there is a strong assertion that it engages in discriminatory and unethical practises…

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Perbincangan Status Pekerja E-Hailing


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